Oratory Days, Debrecen

created by Balázs Kalmár

Fotó: Fortepan / Inkey Tibor

The Oratory Days, Debrecen were held once, between 28 and 31 October 1967. The festival was organised by the Institute of Popular Culture and the Department of Culture of the Debrecen City Council to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917. The venues of the festival were the Reformed College, the Art Cinema, the Hungária Chamber Theatre and the Armed Forces Club. Tickets for the festival could be purchased at the National Philharmonic branch. Among the participants were the so-called “amateur” ensembles, influential in the period and whose repertoire and style of playing was dominated by literature-based oratorio. The ensembles’ performances were accompanied by presentations by experts and panel discussions.

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