Váci Mihály Literary Stage

created by Gabriella Schuller and Panka Sándor. Special thanks to Gábor Felföldi for his contribution.

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The Literary Stage of Veszprém was founded in 1958 by a cultural manager, Tibor Pintér (during the socialist era this position was helped but at the same time more or less controlled by the socialist state), a chemist, Pál Fuchs and poetry teller, László Borbély (who later won the talent competition ’Ki mit tud?’ (Who Knows What?) in the section of presenting poems). The group worked within the framework of TIT (Scientific Educational Society), and in 1972 they took the name of the poet, Mihály Váci. The main part of their work was to present compilations of poems either with a thematic focus (like the ’betyár’ life in Bakony) or celebrating  the socialist state’s official days (4th of April, 1th of May, 7th of November) and private events (marriage, funeral). Occasionally they played documentary and short plays too. During the seventies they had intense connections with similar amateur groups. In 1998 Tibor Pintér asked Éva Sz. Csordás, a member of the group for decades until that time, to follow  him as the leader of the group. The Váci Mihály Literary Stage is unique in a sense that it has been operating since its foundation, though after the system change in 1989 the state’s policy on funding culture changed a lot.

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